Insight and advice on future trends, money & family, and health - what matters most in our lives!

​Predicting the future accurately is extremely difficult.  Our theory on this challenge is based on the random nature of events, impulsive, changing human behaviors, and actions or trends occurring "under the radar."  People (this site) who can predict future events with reasonable success will grow a following.


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​​​​​There are limitless organizations, books, and websites devoted to finances, family concerns, health, fitness, diet, and future predictions.​  All of these are important aspects of life, arguably the most important.  But they are interrelated - hence, this website!

The "linchpin of life" is money (sorry, this is an inescapable truth), and this linchpin is forever linked to family (even if a family of one).  All financial decisions and outcomes are for, or because of, the family members involved.  We are unique, in that we holistically evaluate this complete picture.

​You have no doubt heard the expression, "as long as you have your health, you have everything."  Ask anyone who is having a health crisis, and they will confirm that this is true.  We are committed to helping you live a healthy, enjoyable life, and to extending longevity.  We also connect health to future trends, money & family.